Protect and Conserve our Environment

  • I will protect undeveloped parts of the county as conservation and rural working lands by encouraging development in areas where public infrastructure (roads and water systems) already exists and public services (public safety and public transit) can be provided efficiently.
  • I will seek to protect our unique land and water resources by supporting and strengthening our county’s comprehensive plan.
  • I will work to stop phosphate mining from polluting our water resources. 

Grow local businesses, jobs and apprenticeships

  • In order to provide more local jobs, I will continue to build partnerships that support new homegrown businesses and grow existing local businesses.

  • I will advocate for increasing job training opportunities including the creation of 1,000 certified paid apprenticeships.

  • I will focus on redevelopment and new investment in struggling areas.

  • I propose the county join the city-UF partnership to drive innovation through technology and community-based research.

Commit to economic and social equity

    • I will advocate for high quality, affordable housing options using funds that have been committed to the county from the city of Gainesville’s Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA).

    • I will insist on policing and courts that build peace and justice.

    • I support permanent funding for the Children’s Services Council to eliminate childhood poverty.

    • I will continue to advocate for a comprehensive empowerment center that provides training, employment, health and mental services at GRACE Marketplace.

Govern and plan efficiently

  • I will advocate for the wise use of resources to reduce wasteful or duplicative spending.
  • I will promote more cooperation and efficiency between the city and county in the areas of economic development, public safety, fire and rescue services, planning, transportation, conservation and recreation, and social services.
  • I will advocate for funding to repair and maintain our existing roads, develop efficient regional public transit, and provide safety for pedestrians and cyclists.
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